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Chet Huntley: From Newsroom to Mountain Slopes - A Legacy of Journalism and Big Sky Resort

Chet Huntley was a distinguished American television newscaster best known for co-anchoring the "Huntley–Brinkley Report" on NBC News. Beyond his notable career in journalism, Huntley played a pivotal role in the development of Big Sky Resort, a renowned ski resort in Montana.

  1. Career with NBC: Chet Huntley's broadcasting career reached its pinnacle as the co-anchor of the "Huntley–Brinkley Report," a highly influential news program that aired from 1956 to 1970 on NBC. His journalistic prowess and straightforward style made him a trusted figure in American households.

  2. Montana Roots: Born in Cardwell, Montana, in 1911, Huntley's Montana upbringing significantly shaped his character and values. His connection to the state would later lead to his involvement in the establishment of Big Sky Resort.

  3. Big Sky Resort: Chet Huntley, along with a group of investors, envisioned and founded Big Sky Resort in 1973. Located in southwestern Montana, the resort quickly became one of the premier ski destinations in the United States, known for its expansive terrain and breathtaking vistas. His namesake survives to this day on lodges, restaurants, ski trails, and more.

  4. Retirement and Legacy: After retiring from television in 1970, Chet Huntley devoted his time to various pursuits, including the management of Big Sky Resort. His commitment to the project contributed to the success and growth of the resort, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of skiing and hospitality.

  5. Chet Huntley Award: In addition to his contributions to journalism, Huntley's impact extended to his home state. The University of Montana School of Journalism established the Chet Huntley Award, recognizing individuals for excellence in reporting and news analysis.

Chet Huntley's dual legacy as a respected journalist and a key figure in the establishment of Big Sky Resort showcases the diverse impact he had on both the media industry and the recreational landscape of Montana.

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