Wondering about things to do in Big Sky in winter? There's a lifetime of fun winter activities in this SW Montana mountain town. From daredevil sports to family friendly activities, everyone will have a blast when they visit Big Sky this winter season.

Below is a quick tick list of cool things to do in Big Sky in winter:

  1. Experience The Biggest Skiing In America - With 5800 acres of skiable terrain and 4350 feet of vertical drop, Big Sky Resort has earned the nickname "The Biggest Skiing In America." Buy a lift pass and explore the expansive terrain at this world-class resort.
  2. Visit Yellowstone National Park - Yellowstone receives millions of visitors every year, but only a small percentage visit the park in winter. Exploring this winter wonderland is an experience you'll always remember.
  3. Go Snowmobiling - A snowmobile can take you to incredible places. Wherever you decide to ride a sled in the wilds of SW Montana, it's going to be a blast!
  4. Watch A Ski Joring Event - For those who don't know, ski joring is an event where a horse tows a skier through an obstacle horse at high speeds. Never turn down an opportunity to watch ski joring!
  5. Drink Craft Brews - Big Sky is lucky enough to be home to two craft breweries: Beehive Basin Brewery and Lone Peak Brewery. Plus WIllie's Distillery is opening a location in Town Center. Enjoy the Big Sky spirits and brews responsibly.
  6. Discover Ousel Falls - Ousel Falls is the most popular hike in Big Sky. There's something especially magical about Ousel Falls in winter. It's a short and convenient hike that's well worth the effort.
  7. Enjoy Fine Dining - Everyone enjoys delicious food and there are plenty of restaurants that your taste buds will love. Bucks T-4, Michaelangelo's, Olive B's, Horn & Cantle, Lotus Pad, Ousel & Spur, Riverhouse, Rainbow Ranch, The Cabin, and the list goes on...
  8. Explore The Backcountry - Big Sky's backyard is endless. Hire a guide to help you explore the mountains of Big Sky country on skis or snowshoes.
  9. Take A Dip In Hot Springs - If you need a relaxing day while you're in Big Sky, take a short road trip to take a dip in one of the many Montana hot springs.
  10. Ride On A Dog Sled - Going dog sledding is a unique experience. There's something special about going on a husky-powered ride through the forests of Big Sky Country .
  11. Journey To 11,166-foot Lone Peak - The iconic Lone Mountain rises to 11,166' above sea level. If you're an intermediate skier you can reach the base of the Lone Peak Tram and take a scenic ride to the top of this mountain peak. Or if you're good enough, you can ski right off of the summit.
  12. Fly Fish On The Gallatin - Most people think of fly fishing as a warm weather activity, but if you haven't tried winter fly fishing you need to put this on your things to do list ASAP.
  13. Go On A Sleigh Ride Adventure - Have you ever been on a proper sleigh ride? Head to Lone Mountain Ranch, Cache Creek Outfitters, or 320 Ranch for a sleigh ride experience through the snowy mountains of Montana.
  14. Attend A Cool Big Sky Event - There's always something going in Big Sky during the winter season. Check out the winter schedules and calendars for all of the latest events at Big Sky Resort, WMPAC, and more. Races, concerts, pond skims, comedy shows, TED events, freeski competitions, community strolls, and so much more!
  15. Spend A Day At Basecamp - Big Sky Resort's BaseCamp is a great way to spend the day. BaseCamp features zip lines, snowshoe tours, giant swings, trampolines, and more.
  16. Ice Skate In Town Center - Spend an hour or an evening ice skating under the stars in the heart of Big Sky Town Center.
  17. Try To Spot Wildlife - Big Sky is home to an abundance of wildlife. Keep your eyes on the lookout at all times. You might spot moose, elk, deer, mountain lions, snowshoe hares, wolves, or some other incredible creature this winter.
  18. Slide On Cross Country Ski At Lone Mountain Ranch - Lone Mountain Ranch is one of the world's best places for cross country skiing. Whether you're a keen novice or an experienced expert, it's worth spending a day on their expansive network of trails.

Are there other things to do in Big Sky in winter? Of course! Use this quick list to get the wheels turning. Hopefully you can find the time to explore everything that makes winter in Big Sky so fantastic. There are always new and exciting winter activities that you can do in Big Sky, Montana. With a big focus on the great outdoors and a laid back vibe, Big Sky will appeal to a wide variety of winter enthusiasts. Hopefully you'll book a trip to Big Sky. Who knows, maybe you'll even fall in love with our mountain town. =)

If you're visiting Big Sky this winter and you decide that you're interested in Big Sky real estate, please feel free to reach out. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have about real estate in Big Sky, MT.

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