Located in the southwestern part of Montana, the Spanish Peaks Mountain Club is a private residential community. It's adjacent to Big Sky Resort and offers luxury real estate surrounded by stunning mountain views, endless winter recreation, and an 18-hole signature golf course designed by Tom Weiskopf. Members have exclusive access to the clubhouse, fitness centers, hot tubs, and golf courses. It's conveniently located close to Big Sky Town Center and just a short drive away from Yellowstone National Park.

With its exclusive club membership, luxury amenities, and central location, Spanish Peaks Mountain Club real estate remains in high demand, attracting the world's elite who want to call it home. To get the highest price for your property, here are some home-selling tips you need to consider before putting your home on the market.

Do your research on the local real estate market

Studying local market trends will help you determine the pricing and even the timing of selling your home. Research the local housing market by looking into the most recent comparable sales, or "comps." These are properties similar to yours that have been sold in your neighborhood. Comps can help determine the value of your home. Knowing the pricing of similar properties in the area is vital to price your home appropriately. A local real estate agent can put together a list of "comps" for you.

Look into the best time to sell your home. The winter and summer months can be the best times to sell your home because this is when destination guests are in town. 

Clean, prepare, and upgrade your home

Make the home more appealing by cleaning, preparing, and upgrading your home. Thoroughly clean out every room and storage space. Decorations and personal items should be kept to a minimum. This will help potential buyers visualize the home as their own. Emptying out the closets and storage will help highlight how much space for their personal belongings in the home. Deep cleaning the property will help it look newer and more attractive.

Address any necessary repairs, such as leaking faucets, clogged drains, and broken fixtures. Upgrade any outdated or overused items and appliances. Even though repairs and upgrades will incur additional costs, the value of your home will also increase, attracting more potential buyers. Many home sellers even decide to do a simple remodel before putting their home on the market. According to Forbes, buyers want fresh, modern homes. It could get you more offers at higher prices, and it can also help you sell your home faster.

Hire a professional to stage and photograph your home

In today's digital age, more people are prescreening homes online before setting up a physical tour of the home. This is why hiring a professional to stage and photograph your home can make a big difference in attracting more buyers. Professional stagers will know how to arrange the furniture so that your home can look more spacious, how to use natural light so that your home can look brighter, and how to make your home warm and welcoming to potential buyers overall. Many professional stagers will even have their own inventory of decorations and furniture to help your home look amazing room by room.

Having a professional photograph your home is essential. To many potential homebuyers, the photos they see online will be their first impression. Since this is essentially the "first showing," it's important to have high-quality photos. If the photos on your listing are not appealing, they are less likely to read the rest of the listing or schedule a physical tour of the home. A professional photographer will know the best angles and the best lighting to make your home look its best. This is why professional real estate photography is necessary if you want to get more exposure and more offers on your home. 

Price your home appropriately

Of course, the most important step in selling your home is to price it appropriately. If you price it too high, potential buyers will look elsewhere for a better-priced home. You will get fewer offers, if any, and your home is more likely to stay on the market for longer. According to Medium, the first 30 days your home is on the market is when you have the most leverage as a seller. Buyers always have a price range when searching for a home. Therefore, an overpriced home can miss out on potential traffic because they are priced over the budget of some buyers.

Some sellers like to overprice their homes to leave room for negotiation. However, this usually backfires. Many buyers don't even bother to put in an offer on overpriced homes because they don't want to insult the seller.

Pricing your home depends on a variety of factors. The size of the home, the year it was built, its exact location, the condition of the home, and additional amenities are among the main factors. You can have a professional home appraisal to determine the value of your home. An appraisal will look at the condition of your home and other important factors. They will also gather information about comparable sales and average sale prices to help you price your home appropriately before listing it on the market. Your local real estate agent can also help you to determine an ideal listing price.

Work with a local and dedicated real estate agent

When selling a home at Spanish Peak Mountain Club, you need an experienced real estate agent to give you market insights and help you with the home selling process. A local Big Sky Resident since 2011, Mia Lennon combines her real estate expertise and her passion for the mountains to help her clients meet their goals when selling their homes. Call Mia today to start the process of selling your home.

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